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Modern Distribution businesses generate massive amounts of valuable data, however if we aren’t able to turn that data into action, its value can never be fully realized.

Even with modern Business Intelligence software only about 25% of users are actively using these tools to enable better decisions in their daily work, the result is a massive trove of unrealized value. The truth is that actionable data is often buried deep in the transaction flow of the business and unless users are staring at their dashboards and reports all day long it’s easy to miss those important signals.

Data Tipster augments your existing business intelligence software using artificial intelligence analysis to keep an eye on every piece of data, and notify users when something needs attention.

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Data Tipster runs industry specific AI algorithms on every event in your company to build robust forecasts of future issues. Because the analyst is "artificial" it never gets tired, or bored and can scan and rescan your entire data set continuously without interruption.


What good is analysis if it doesn't lead to action? Data Tipster takes every important piece of data it finds and puts it into an easy to understand format that invites users to make change in their company.

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Companies need a single source of the truth, not another data warehouse or business intelligence tool. Data Tipster leverages your existing BI infrastructure by integrating with existing data warehouses and linking out to existing tools to enable quick and easy action.


Data Tipster's security model allows both managers and individual contributors to see what insights are being generated in their areas of responsibility and which are being acted on. Tips can be assigned to a single person without visibility being lost to other members of the team.

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Thank you for your interest in the Data Tipster project. Data Tipster is currently in early development. If you'd like to know more or sign up to be a part of our beta program please fill out the contact form.

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